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Tips Work For The Fresh graduate

Imagine you have graduated from college. Thesis and other campus business has been completed, the title has been held, then what next? Free? Of course not. The real reality of life you will face, that is work. As someone who just graduated s1, aka fresh graduate, of course, we have a standard that we want to achieve in the world of work. But make no mistake, many of us still consider that with the degree that we have, automatically some things we will have. In fact, your first salary will not be satisfactory. Another fact, the nominal possibility of your salary will remain the same unless you continue your career with focus. It’s sad, but that’s the reality. Maybe you should try to apply to a website the best job seeker website like

Graduated with a GPA of cum laude from a reputable university? Not a guarantee the company will attract you to work as well. In order to be glimpsed by the company, it takes more than a good grade on a diploma. Employers want to see if we really deserve to be hired, to be given the appropriate salary as well as other workers. Therefore, do not despair if the salary of the first few months does not match expectations. Imagine, better 6 months with less salary like that, then increase over time and your hard work compared not at all. All need a process, right?