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Selecting Window Type and Material

In addition to choosing the right window location, the selection of type and window material is also no less crucial. By choosing the appropriate type and material, then the character of the house can be formed perfectly. In determining the type of window, choose the one that best fits your home concept. Parts of windows are shutters, sills, glass, handle, hinges. The window types are as follows: Sliding Window; As the name implies, a window with this type, opened by sliding window, either horizontally or vertically (double hung). Window with Hinge or Window Swing; Some types of swinging windows are casement, axle or awnings (hinges located on the top of the frame), hopper (hinges located under the frame), and Nako. Fixed Windows; This type of window is generally just a glass hole that can not be opened so it does not work to drain the air. If you want a good window material, you can choose austin window treatments because not only provide a good material for your windows. This service also provides maintenance for your windows.

Some commonly used window materials are wood and aluminum. Wood material is widely used for tropical houses, classical and even modern. Wood quality is seen from the strength, density, and magnitude of the possibility of shrinkage or expansion of the wood. Teak wood has strong and sturdy characteristics, but the price is quite expensive because of the high quality and rarity. Camphor wood is a common type of wood used. If you decide to use wood material, make sure the wood used is wood that has been dried (oven). This is to reduce the expansion and shrinkage of wood after installation. Wood is susceptible to termites. For that, make sure the wood material has been given anti-insect before it is installed. In addition, periodic maintenance for insect repellent is also necessary to guard it. The type of finishing for wooden windows is melanic or duco. For melanic, natural wood color and natural fiber wood are still visible so that gives the impression of warm and natural. Duco looks more plastic because the entire wood fiber is not visible so the impression is more modern.

Finishing for aluminum windows is the usual anodizing (original color of aluminum) and powder coating (white or brown). To avoid leaks in the aluminum window, ensure proper insertion and apply the silicone gel (sealant) to the joints between the sill and wall edges. Whatever your choice of model, type and window material, always remember that windows are one of the most important elements of a building. Appropriate choice with the characteristics of the house and the function to be achieved. With the right type and material selection and appropriate placement, your home will feel more comfortable and beautiful.