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Recommended action-comedy movies

If you love a fight scene and also funny jokes, then you might be the type of person who loves action-comedy movies. This genre isn’t just unique, but it’s very refreshing as well . There are so many excellent action-comedy movies these days, and we are going to share with you the recommendation of some movies with that genre. You can also visit to find the best movies online.

1. Kung Fu Hustle

This is one of the finest and the funniest movies that have been starred by Steven Chow. You can see action, drama, and also jokes at the same time. Bursting into tears, thrills, and also laughs is inevitable when you watch this movie.

2. Who Am I

This is one hell of an action-comedy movie that has been starring by the Legendary Jackie Chan. This movie is very memorable even after so many years it has been removed from the cinema. Just watch it, and you’ll see Jackie Chan’s finest act ever.