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How Gastroenterology Consultation Works

When you visit Gastroenterology Los Angeles, we will record and perform general checks such as blood pressure and drug allergies. After that, the patient will meet with a specialist gastroenterology. Usually, the doctor will ask the patient’s health history and his family. After getting the required information, the doctor will perform a physical examination, especially on the abdomen of the patient.

Some actions may also be made during or after consultation, for example:

– Laboratory test
– Blood test
– Rontgen
– Motility tests
– Endoscopic action

There are two types of endoscopic measures used to examine the gastrointestinal tract, namely:

– Endoscopic top
– Colonoscopy

If the doctor has endoscopic equipment at his clinic or if the consultation is in the hospital, then the patient may undergo endoscopic action on the same day. If endoscopic equipment is not available, then the doctor may help schedule the patient to undergo the test.

Gastroenterology consultation usually takes about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Consultation may take longer if there are some tests to be performed. The initial consultation will usually last longer than follow-up consultation because the doctor has not known the patient’s condition.