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Step by Step Instructions to Clean the Outdoor Unit of an Air Conditioner

Cleaning the open air unit of an aeration and cooling system is in fact as critical as cleaning the indoor part. That is the reason when you call an expert on air conditioners like the aircon repair singapore to your place to clean your ventilation system, he will clean both of the parts, indoor and outside. There are a few things they more often do to clean the all the parts of an air conditioner, including the inside and outside parts and one of them is by vacuuming the condenser balances.

The expert will use a vacuum cleaner with a delicate brush tip and then expel the screws on the defensive metal box to achieve the blades. While doing this, he has to check the grass, leaves and different trash that block the wind stream. Then, cut the foliage around the unit so no room is roughly 61 cm around the unit. it is essential to be watchful, keeping in mind that blades harmed while vacuuming. These blades effectively bowed. When he is still bowing, he will fix again with a table blade or a balanced brush.