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Psychotic Depression: The Most Dangerous Type of Depression

Depression disorders are several types, one of which is psychotic depression. Psychotic depression is a major depressive disorder accompanied by psychotic symptoms. Symptoms experienced such as hallucinations, such as hearing instigating voices or dropping confidence Other symptoms are delusions or misunderstandings, such as wrong thoughts but are believed to be true about self-image, failure, or a strong guilty thought of committing a sin. At its worst, psychotic symptoms can not distinguish delusion from reality.

This type of depression is different from other depression, the sufferer of psychotic depression experiencing broken connection with the real world. Patients seemed to hear voices that are not real or thinking something that does not make sense. Not infrequently the patient considers himself being possessed by a demon. It takes special handling such as self-calm and other meditation rituals to calm the mind, in this case, plays a role to realize that healing.

Almost the same as other types of depression, psychotic depression is also often angry for no reason, the severity of the patient feels no need to take care of themselves and difficult to communicate. However, when communicating the patient tends to say things that do not make sense. Another thing experienced by psychotic sufferers is often feel humiliated or not confident and try to hide it. The most dangerous risk a person can do is self-harm to suicide. Psychotic depression can be treated by using antidepressant and antipsychotic combination medications. However, if the patient hurt himself should be treated at the hospital immediately. Treatment is usually very effective and able to restore the sufferer as it was. However, patients still have to undergo control to prevent the recurrence of psychotic depression.