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Get to Know the Culture of Betawi Lebaran in South Tangerang

Circle of Betawi Culture Society Tangsel City held Betawi Festival at Jalan Raya Jurang Mangu Barat, Pondok Aren Sub-district, South Tangerang City (Tangsel). This annual event will be followed by thousands of Betawi origin Betawi culture. Tangsel City is one of the cities that have a Betawi cultural background. Here (Tangsel) entrenched and evolved art and culture in the daily life of its people. This information is well summarized in the tangsel news.



Various exhibition booth of a local wisdom of Betawi and confectionary. Typical will be present in this event. Also participate in various arts such as Tanjidor, Lenong, to war firecrackers with miniatures pulling as high as a dozen meters, enliven the event. This activity is an educational agenda for the whole society and introduces Betawi art and culture to National level. Because to understand and preserve the local culture requires a high awareness of the surrounding population is also the ability to promote the local area in order to become a good tourist destination.